What's in Your Beach Bag?


Nothing beats a bright, summer day spent at the beach, taking in the sun and surf. Whether it’s a good read or a special brand of sunscreen, we asked a few members of the terrain team what they can’t leave home without when embarking on an afternoon of fun in the sun. Read on to find out what’s in our beach bags! 

Coola Sunscreen: “I’m getting married in October, so this summer is all about skin protection for me. Coola is my go-to because it’s organic, smells amazing, and is high in SPF so I can maintain a healthy, summer glow without going overboard.” – Caroline G., Assistant Buyer 

Disposable Camera: “I have a small collection of old medium format cameras that I love, but there’s something about a disposable camera that makes me feel carefree and lighthearted. They evoke a sense of nostalgia, and you don’t have to worry about getting them sandy or tossing them in your bag.” – Isa S., Narrative Photographer

Beach Paddle Ball Set: “My girls love sports, so bringing along a game to the beach is a great way for us to have fun and get in some quality time together.” – Jim S., Planning & Allocation Manager 

Tasty Snack: “I love grabbing some caramel popcorn before a day on the beach. It’s the perfect mix of salty and sweet that keeps me satisfied for hours– and it’s gluten free!” –Kristin G., Digital Marketing Manager

Sun Hat: “I come from a long line of fair-skinned ladies of Irish-French descent, so I’ve never been able to bask in the sun for too long. I bring a hat with me everywhere so that I can lounge and not worry about sun damage. Not only is my complexion safe, but it feels so “Old Hollywood”– like Grace Kelly on the beach!” – Jennie L., Web Administrator 

Sunglasses: “I love how a great pair of sunglasses adds another layer to my look, while protecting me from the sun’s harmful rays. They're a must-have summer accessory for me– I have 5 pairs!” – Melissa M., Web Merchandiser 

Water Bottle: “I take my BKR water bottle practically everywhere with me. The opening allows for quick, big gulps of water in between catching waves. Glass water bottles are the best because they are BPA free and eco-friendly, and this one has an outside liner that keeps water nice and cool.” – Chris D., Assistant Buyer 

Book: “I never head to the beach without a book in my tote– vacations are the perfect time to tackle the stack of books I collect throughout the year! My favorite thing is to stay a little later, after everyone else has gone in for the evening, to read just a few more pages.” – Caroline L., Copy and Community Writer 

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