The Wellness Pantry: Stress Relief


Earlier this week, we showed you exactly how to stock your pantry with turmeric products to help you fight inflammation, brighten skin, and reduce joint and muscle pain. Today we’re continuing to show you how to upgrade your pantry essentials to include products that are designed to help you fight stress and calm nerves. Lavender, Tulsi, oatstraw, and calendula all make appearances as natural, gentle ingredients that are long believed to induce feelings of relaxation. And during these cold, busy winter days, we’re always up for a dose of calm.

1. Naturopathica Stress Tea: Unwind with this herbal tea, which blends soothing lavender with calming oatstraw and holy basil, a traditional herb in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

2. Soothe No. 4 Elixir: Take one tablespoon of this soothing elixir in hot water twice daily to feel its immediate calming effects. Crafted on Furnace Creek Farm in Oley, Pennsylvania, this elixir is infused with Tulsi, or holy basil, which has long been used to reduce stress while marshmallow root can help aid digestion and reduce water retention.

3. Countertop Happy Honey: Formulated to achieve a sense of calm, reduce anxiety, and alleviate tension, this adaptogen-dense honey from Countertop is creamed with a base of raw California sage honey. With added tulsi, saffron, clove, rhodiola, and nutmeg, it’s delicious spread on toast or pancakes or stirred into oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit salads.

4. Farmaesthetics Nourishing Lavender Milk: A fragrant, skin-mending formula made from calendula, witch hazel, lavender and beeswax, this nourishing and soothing milk fully conditions the face and body. Organic soy oil evens skin tone and softens fine lines, while calendula offers powerful healing properties for damaged or sensitive skin.

Be sure to browse our entire selection of food products for a well-rounded pantry refresh.

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