Weckerly's Ice Cream + Terrain


Created especially for terrain by Philadelphia-based Weckerly's Ice Cream, the colorful sandwiches above are quickly becoming our favorite way to cool off during high summer. Inside a citrusy shortbread cookie, roasted strawberry and lovage ice creams are paired with a flavorful layer of strawberry puree. Ice cream masterminds Jen and Andy Satinsky dreamed up the summer treat with terrain in mind, taking into account our love of fresh, locally-grown flavors and ingredients. We got the scoop on our sandwiches when Andy stopped by the office with a batch that quickly disappeared from our freezer. 

He says, "This summer's crop of strawberries is the best we've seen since we started Weckerly's-- they're incredibly sweet and the season has been quite long. Most years, we pair strawberry ice cream with an herb-- we've done thyme, basil, and a rosemary shortcake in the past. The herbal notes help to open the palate for the strawberry flavor. The strawberry-lovage pairing has the same effect, with each flavor tempering the other."

What is lovage? Andy explains,"We chose lovage to balance the fruity sweetness of the berries. It's an herbal green with a flavor similar to celery; we actually discovered it last year, but never found quite the right pairing for it. We source our lovage from Green Meadow Farm in Gap, PA. They're really our go-to for fresh, local ingredients, and they even grow exotic fruits like bananas and kefir limes right in their greenhouse."

Andy and his wife Jen create every Weckerly's flavor from scratch, using Jen's experience as a pastry chef. Throughout her career, she was drawn to ice cream because it allowed her to incorporate lots of unique, local ingredients-- a philosophy that comes through in Weckerly's seasonal offerings. As summer progresses, the duo is looking forward to new flavors incorporating blueberries and sour cherries-- we can't wait to try them!

Want to get your own Strawberry Lovage Sandwich? Weckerly's will be selling them at farmer's markets and events in the Philadelphia area, as well as Green Aisle Grocery, Wyebrook Farm Market, and own Styer's Garden Cafe. Visit the Weckerly's site to see where they'll be next!

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