Garden Gift Toppers for Valentine's Day


This Valentine's Day, we're trading in hearts and arrows for a more natural take on gift wrap. Topped with an array of botanical finds, the pretty packages above were created by Display Coordinator Suzie A. We can't wait to wrap a few of our own gifts inspired by Suzie's designs. These sweet and colorful boxes are sure to charm their recipients-- perhaps as much as the presents inside!

Suzie says, "For the bright pink package, I made my own wrapping paper; I used heavy art paper and lightly coated it with a thin layer of milk paint. I paired the colorful paper with our Metallic Leaves Garland in place of ribbon, and tucked in some sprigs of dried heather for a finishing touch. On two packages, I used our birch bark strips as wrapping. To make them fold more easily around the box, I cut the bark to size then lightly scored it with a cutting knife at the places it would need to bend. Next, I secured the bark with some twine and added a few dried pepperberries for simple color. For the final gift, I created a small bouquet of tillandsia and natural cuttings as a topper. To complete the look, I lightly painted some of the tillandsia leaves with floral spray for added interest and color."

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