3 Vacation Hardy Planters


Filled with long weekends and high temperatures, midsummer can be a challenging season for gardens on the patio. Able to withstand heat waves and low rainfall, the colorful planters above can thrive with minimal care, making them perfect for vacation season. Planted with drought-tolerant succulents and perennials, these container gardens will welcome you home looking beautifully fresh. Read on to learn more about these resilient, worry-free planters with designer Beth J. 

Beth says, "These summer container gardens were created by three members of the Design by Terrain team-- Bobbi, Anh, and myself. They're filled primarily with drought-tolerant plants, including sedum varieties in tones of blue and black. We also chose hardy perennials like yellow yarrow (also known as achillea), purple lavender, and fountain grass. Finally, we added some spiller plants to balance each container, including chartreuse lysimachia and chocolate trailing sedum."

Planning your own summer getaway? Find a selection of vacation hardy plantings from the Design by Terrain team, now in stores. 

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