3 Underplanting Ideas


A favorite technique for filling in the landscape under large trees, underplanting can also be used on a smaller scale to create beautiful container gardens. Underplantings pair a single, vertical specimen with one or more low-growing plants that fill out the container and help to spotlight the tallest plant. Our stylists recently created three underplanted containers for the high spring patio -- read on to learn more about each one. 

Our first container garden, above, showcases spring at its best with a blossoming cherry tree as the centerpiece of a weathered pot. We filled the rest of the container with a lush planting of bright flowers and foliage. Golden-hued Heuchera 'Champagne' brings vibrant color alongside crimson anemones, cheerful pansies, and delicate foam flower. For foliage, a mixture of sedge, Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost,' and crimson-tinted clover fills out the planting.

A classic urn serves as the base for our second planting, which spotlights a petite pine -- Pinus mugo 'Mops.' Commonly known as Swiss mountain pine, this dwarf variety is a popular ornamental thanks to its rounded, shrub-like habit. Below the tree, a mixed planting of purple pansies, Alyssum 'Clear Crystal Mix,' and angel vine fills the container in shades of violet, plum, and spring green. 

Our final planting takes a simple approach, starting with a deep burgundy specimen of Aeonium 'Black Rose' in a ridged barrel pot. At the base of the towering succulent, trailing myrtle vines with tiny, white blooms spill over the edge of the planter with vivid green tendrils. 

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