Unconventional Autumn Colors

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As we prepare for the changing seasons, we're refreshing our outdoor planters with foliage and blooms in unexpected color combinations. Looking ahead to bright autumn leaves, our stylists created three container gardens anchored by deep oranges, rich crimsons, and sunbleached yellows. We're loving the way these vivid plantings pop against the neutral hues of our favorite all-weather planters. Read on for our trio of early fall container recipes.

Mimosa + Blush
Pairing glowing, yellow blooms with richly-colored foliage, a 'Summer Chocolate' Mimosa tree is the star of this planting. Our stylists paired this fall standout with shades of soft pink for an elegant and unexpected contrast.
1. Aleizia 'Summer Chocolate', 2. Astillbe 'Vision in Pink', 3. Hydrangea 'Endless Summer', 4. Pennesetum setum 'Rubrum', 5. Ptilotus 'Joey', 6. Impomea 'Pink Frost', Barnacle French Urn

Bonfire Hues
Quintessentially fall, pops of blazing orange and deep red bring dramatic color to this perfectly wild planting. A tall Parrotia persica centers the container, surrounded by sprays of feathery grass and umbrella-shaped Achillea in cheerful yellow.
1. Parrotia persica 'Vanessa,' 2. Carex buchananii, 3. Coleus 'Honey Crisp', 4. Achillea 'Moonshine', 5. Stipa tenuissima 'Pony Tail', 6. Heuchera 'Redstone Falls', Basketweave Fiberstone Planter

Crimson + Silver
Lush, crimson foliage draws the eye to this balanced planting, offset by pale, silvery greens. A burst of green Baptisia australis reaches skyward, while trailing vines of Dichondra pair beautifully with a lattice-textured vessel.
1. Euphorbia 'Blackbird', 2. Baptisia australis 'Twilite Prairie-Blues', 3. Coleus 'Black Dragon', 4. Basil 'Amethyst', 5. Coleus 'Crazy Quilt', 6. Cabbage 'Caraflex', 7. Dichondra 'Silver Falls', Italianate Lattice Planter

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