A Tropical Chandelier


A stunning centerpiece for summer gatherings, the botanical chandelier above is our latest take on the season's tropical trend. The simple framework of our Iron Taper Chandelier serves as the backdrop for an assortment of fresh, faux, and preserved foliage and flickering candles. Suspended above the table, this burst of vibrant greenery is sure to spark conversation all summer long. Stylist Alli M. shares her how-to, below.

What You'll Need:
Iron Taper Chandelier
Preserved Palmetto Fronds
Preserved Ombre Fern
Faux Agave
Flame Effect Tapers
Floral Wire
Spanish Moss
Fresh or faux flowers (we chose fresh dogwood blossoms)

Start by wrapping strands of Spanish moss around the frame of the chandelier, draping it to the candle cups and letting the tails of the moss hang downward. Using floral wire, attach two palmetto fronds to the upper frame of the chandelier; we faced the fronds in opposite directions for a full, fanned appearance. Next, arrange the faux agave and ombre fern fronds as desired, attaching them to the chandelier with floral wire. Choose fresh blooms from the garden and layer them over the faux stems; you can update the chandelier periodically with seasonal fresh cuts, or replace them with faux stems for a longer-lasting display. Finish the look with flameless candles, which are safe for use with dried and preserved foliage. 

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