A Cross-Country Christmas Letter


In a season full of merry surprises, a simple note found in our nursery is spreading lots of good cheer. Discovered among the branches of a freshly-cut fir, a greeting from a little girl in Oregon was received by a Pennsylvania family. We're thrilled to share this tale of cross-country Christmas cheer, perfectly embodying the togetherness of Christmastide.

Our store team shares, "The best story of the season comes all the way from Silverton, Oregon. A family was choosing their tree at Styer's when they happened to find a small, rolled up note attached to a branch. It was from a young girl named Emma, an Oregon elementary-schooler, wishing the person who chose the tree a Merry Christmas. She asked for a letter in return, so she can tell the tree's recipient about its roots in Oregon farm country. The family who bought the tree has children, and can't wait to write back!" Take a peek, above, at the full letter.

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