A Tiny Winter Garden


A whimsical sight for the holiday season, tiny village scenes are taking shape around our houses-- and our Styer's location-- this Christmas. These miniature towns and gardens are inspired by the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of the "Christmas Putz," a hand-crafted village arranged around the base of the tree. Designed by Display Coordinator Suzie A., our glowing take on this cozy tradition can be found inside a miniature, open-sided greenhouse. We're planning more winter villages on the mantel, in the center of a large-scale evergreen wreath, and of course, below the tree.

Suzie says, "My tiny winter garden features a town of metal house lanterns, wooden houses, and bottle brush trees. I treated the bottom of the garden with some freshly-cut cedar tips to create a rolling hill effect. Next, I sprinkled the greens with sparkling mica flakes and snow in key areas to lend a blustery, winter feel. Illuminated twigs and a few gleaming ornaments complete the scene. We have some beautiful, complimentary pieces to this display made by Design by Terrain's Megan M., and there will be more to come as the season goes on."

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