Three Unexpected Valentines


Though a bouquet of roses is always lovely, we've recently found ourselves seeking substitutes for traditional, Valentine's Day flowers. If someone you love is a garden enthusiast or would simply enjoy a more surprising Valentine, it might be time to step out of the rose garden and consider some alternative blooms. Stylist Alli M. created the three unexpected arrangements above for sweethearts seeking an unconventional gift this Valentine's Day. Read on for her thoughts on each style.

Protea Bouquet: "Protea is a tropical bloom that's really noteworthy for its large scale and unusual shape-- features that also allow it to stand on its own in a simple bouquet. I like that this bunch maintains the traditional pink shades of Valentine's Day, while using something different than roses."

Woodland Hellebore: "Also known as 'Lenten Rose,' hellebore is one of spring's first bloomers. I planted it with layers of dark foliage like creeping fig, rex begonia, and peperomia, then wrapped the pot with strips of birch bark and twine for a romantic, woodland vibe."

Dramatic Succulents: "I loved the unexpected color palette of this planting for Valentine's Day-- the pairing of cool-hued succulents like echeveria and desert rose aeonium with sprigs of black eucalyptus and dried thistle for added drama. Thanks to the spiky agave, this arrangement is all about interesting silhouettes, so I kept the container clean and simple with white ceramic. Best of all, it makes a perfect gift because it's very easy to care for."

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