This + That: Garden Willow


The arrival of our much-anticipated, terrain exclusive collection of garden structures has us excited and inspired, eager to incorporate these natural beauties into our landscapes. Made from natural willow, many of the pieces in the collection are expandable for customizable sizing, providing a host of different use options and looks. We asked our Creative Director, Greg, to give us some expert advice on how to style each piece so that our structures can truly shine. View his parings above, and learn how to create them in your own garden below. 

1. Paired Planters, Willow Cones + Black-Eyed Susan Vine
 When it comes to planters, two is always better than one. Particularly when topped with willow cones and planted with bright Black-Eyed Susan Vines. 

2. Willow Obelisk + Globe Lights
This structure welcomes guests for a summer soiree when strung with globe lights.

3. Willow Urn + Hanging Basket
Give hanging baskets a break from the rafters by placing them in the bowl of this wicker urn for an elegant, draped effect.

4. Willow Pyramid + Kitchen Garden
For herb or vegetable plots small, medium, or large the pyramid makes a perfect starting place.

5. Expandable Willow Diamond Fence + Clematis
An expandable fence, or even two fences joined together, creates brings interest to the garden as an eye-catching backdrop for clematis. 

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