The Stargazer Lighting Guide


This year, we’ve introduced over 15 new styles to our exclusive Stargazer lighting collection—our biggest drop since we launched the brand over five years ago! Our creative design team has been hard at work over the last year, developing not only more of our classic styles you’ve grown to love, but two new ranges: Nature Effects and Garden Lights. Each range is meant to address specific decorative solutions seamlessly, from celestial moments indoors to glowing containers on the doorstep. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorites with simple (and striking) ideas for the holidays and beyond.

Stargazer Classic
Our best-selling collection of LED microlight strands, orbs, and garlands has grown to include Lightspheres and Geospheres—oversized globes that are more “decorator’s object” than “ornament.” We love them nestled on top of foraged evergreen boughs in an outdoor container (shop this look here!) or set inside a rustic wire basket with a couple moss balls on the entry table. The Copper Curtain brings impactful drama in a single step, whether you’re letting the curtain fall along your mantelpiece wall or you’re adding a glow to the hallway wall.

Nature Effects

These inventive strands celebrate the beauty of organic forms, taking the shape of twigs, vines, trees, and even the stars. Merging natural elements with lighting sources is a Terrain decorating hallmark, and the Nature Effects range truly encompasses that philosophy. Each piece in the Stargazer Nature Effects collection acts as both a garland and lighting source—for effortless decorating in containers, on trees, along mantels, and in wreaths. Here (right), we’ve added a warm glow to the patio with these rustic cones of rattan vine, each one illuminated by an interwoven strand of twinkling LED lights. And our favorite combination for this holiday season? Adding Stargazer Mossy Branch Lights (left) to classic boxwood plantings for even more depth and dimension.

Garden Lights

The Garden Lights range is especially exciting for us because it means more lighting possibilities year round, from holiday gatherings in the winter to patio parties during the warmer months. We’re especially excited about our Color Story Bulb Sets (in both Lavafire and Forest) this year—we developed these LED color-dipped bulbs in an array of festive and fun colors and styles to be mixed and matched for a completely customizable Christmas decorating experience. Our Ice Crystal and Galaxy Bulb Sets both are perfect for taking garden and patio lighting to an elevated level with their special icy finish and miniature galaxies under glass.

Feeling inspired to add major glow to your home this holiday season? Check out our full collection of Stargazer Lighting options here!

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