The Lowline


Yesterday, we were lucky enough to pop in on one of the most interesting developing projects among New York's many parks and gardens. Called The Lowline, this community green space is proposed to be the world's first underground park. And yes, you read that correctly. The brainchild of a NASA satellite engineer and a New York community activist, the park plans to use solar collection dishes above ground to channel and reflect light onto an underground garden below, where neighbors can enjoy a landscape of shade-loving plants, trees, and grasses.

When we heard that the park is planned to occupy the abandoned space on Manhattan's Lower East Side where the Williamsburg Trolley once operated, we were immediately inspired by the idea for this amazingly innovative transformation of an urban space. So inspired, in fact, that we got involved-- helping their landscape team source a gorgeous Japanese Maple for the Lowline fundraising exhibit, opening tomorrow. If you're in the neighborhood, we highly recommend stopping by for a peek at what could one day be one of the most imaginative parks in the world.

For more information on The Lowline or a calendar of events, please visit

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