The Terrain Team Self-Gifting Guide



It’s the season of giving and while there’s nothing we enjoy more than presenting our loved ones with special gifts this time of year, we also always choose the perfect present for ourselves too. There’s something so fun about gifting yourself something during the holidays that you’ve been eyeing for awhile, and we asked some of the folks on our team to tell us their top terrain picks. Below, find an inside look at what we're planning on gifting ourselves this Christmas.


Beth Brewer, Managing Director: Terrain: Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating the Home and Garden


Danielle Palencar, Art Director: “I just bought a house and have a ton of plants - this sleek Haws can would be both a beautiful and functional addition to my weekly watering sessions.”


Gaby Zone, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Hardgoods: Source and Tradition Crackle Split Charcuterie Board

Bonfire Pit

Lacey Soslow, Director of Ecommerce + Marketing: “I love the idea of bringing the fire pit to a party instead of a bottle of wine - and this lightweight stainless steel version does the trick.”


Kerri Polak, Senior Furniture + Trim Buyer: Naturopathica Natural Glow Gift Set


Melissa Lowrie, Senior Green Goods Buyer: "Sneeboer & Zn. are truly the best in the world at what they do. I've wanted to add this heirloom set to my collection since first seeing it in Holland."


Lauren Swank, Seasonal + Containers Buyer: Collector's Swag

What would you wish for? Shop all of our favorite gifts to fill out your list.

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