Terrain the Book: Wreaths All Around


For our next sneak peek inside the Terrain book, we’re bringing you a special wreath project, just in time for a new season. Adelyn, one of our talented stylists, walked us through her design process for creating this rustic circlet that combines fresh, dried, preserved, metal, and faux elements effortlessly.

1. Simple and delicate: “I loved the simplicity of the dried honeysuckle vine as a base, so with that in mind, I wanted to keep the additional elements rather delicate, yet dense enough to make an impactful visual statement.”

2. Asymmetrical placement: “To create balance, I started with various metal bunches that I’d cut apart, and began placing them off-center, beginning with the single galvanized flower and building outward from there. I wanted to create a mini arrangement moment and used the different colors and textures of each metal piece to build off one another naturally.”

3. Fresh and dried elements: “After attaching the metal pieces, I added in various dried and fresh botanicals to introduce texture and to play off the metal, as well as to bring in some pops of color and tonal differences.”

4. Play with scale: “I used dried heather bunches to add a subtle richness in color and foraged greenery for a larger scale element. I also loved the silvery color of these leaves and found that it complemented the metal pieces beautifully, so I decided to finished with a few large metal leaves."

Ready to make your own wreath? The Terrain book launches on October 16th, so pre-order your copy today! And be sure to check back here later in the week for glimpses inside the book.

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