Terrain the Book: Planted Container Project


As promised in our First Peek post, we’re sharing a few projects from our book here on the blog in anticipation of the release on October 16th. Today, we invite you to embrace the ephemeral and create a striking container planting of your own. We’ve tapped terrain floral designer Matthew M. to share how our 3 key design concepts work together in this gorgeous container our team planted in the above how-to video.

1. Color: “Here, the monochromatic gesture of pulling in the light gray color of the barrel pot with the dusty leaves of the Senecio allows the diversity of textures to be a focal point.”

2. Texture: “The broad, smooth leaves of Senecio contrast the delicately fringed texture of the Echinacea,” while the ridges of the barrel pot add even more visual interest at the base.

3. Shape: “Sedum mat tucks into the edges and is modern counterpoint to the cottage garden feeling of the plant palette while the multi-colored Hoya leaves tie everything together and provide an impactful and unexpected trailing detail.”

There are more sneak peeks to come! Check back here all month long for more projects inspired by our book. Preorder your copy of Terrain: Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating the Home and Garden to learn more about container plantings and discover a whole host of new ideas for styling the spaces in and around the home with nature.

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