Terrain the Book: Conifers Under Glass


For our final Terrain book blog project, we’re bringing an enduring touch of greenery to the holiday home with a tiny conifer tree under glass. This simple project is an elegant option for mantle or entryway décor and is easily customizable to suit your style. Take a peek at the video our talented team created and afterwards, find more tips and suggestions for creating your own version below.

1. Pick your pine: A tiny sapling brings the forest indoors - and best of all, young trees can be planted outside after the holidays as a special reminder of celebrations past.

2. Lay the foundation: Using a watertight tray and preserved moss helps keep the tree green and growing through the season.

3. Decide on your display: Here, we've used our bleached wood display case to house our tiny tree. Handmade by master craftsman and coming in two size options, it's both special and practical enough to use through every season.

4. Add finishing touches: Forage for natural botanicals to top off the base - we love adding red berries for color and bark or pinecones for a textural element.

Feeling inspired for the season? The Terrain book is packed full of festive ideas for a magical Christmas at home.

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