Terrain the Book: Centerpiece Trough Arrangements


It's time for another glimpse inside the Terrain book with an arrangement how-to with a wild feel. As the entertaining season kicks into full swing, we’re turning our attention to the tabletop - specifically, how to create lovely centerpiece arrangements that last. While we will always love fresh cut flowers, we’re also fans of arrangements that are full of green and growing plants that go on living long after Thanksgiving is over. We asked Matty M. from our design team to share his secrets for creating a beautifully balanced centerpiece arrangement - read on for his best tips.

1. Unity: “The juxtaposition of the dusty pastels of the echeveria and begonia with the vibrant golden tones of the philodendron created an unusual color palette that we expanded even further with some unexpected elements like the subtly strange ‘muddy chartreuse’ color of the coleus.”

2. Repetition: “An array of textures keeps the eye moving across the arrangement and constantly discovering something new.” Try using repeating colors, textures, and shapes to create a cohesive arrangement that still surprises the eye.

3. Balance: “Since we’re using a modern Habit + Form trough in a gleaming brass, I felt like it was important to break up that linear feeling with an organic “scape” that felt like a sun-bleached collection of botanicals that had been foraged from the dunes at the beach near summer’s end.”

4. Emphasis: “Playful, bold Gaillardia flower heads are the perfect foil to the delicate, wispy Stipa grass,” set just off center to add height and dimension in an unexpected way. 

It's almost here! Check back here on Thursday for one last exciting look inside the book - and for an exclusive interview with a very special guest.

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