Behind the Scenes: Terrain at the Lake


A few weeks ago, our photo team took a trip to Lake George, New York in search of autumn inspiration. They spent a week beside the water for our fall photoshoot, finding time for canoeing, campfire cooking, and one impressive swim across the lake! With a view of the moss-green Adirondacks and shimmering water, the secluded, circa-1876 lake house offered an inspiring backdrop for our autumn photography. Art Director Laura T. says, "We experienced a lot of late summer storms, but the weather provided some of the most beautiful shots!" Take a peek behind the scenes with the video above, and read on for more of our team's favorite moments from the week. 

"I had never been to Lake George before, so I really enjoyed seeing a new part of the country and being surrounded by its beautiful landscape. The week was extra peaceful because we had no cell service -- landline only! The shoot also offered a chance to get creative as we worked with nature through rain and shine." - Isa S., Narrative Photographer

"One of my favorite moments was watching Isa swim half a mile across the lake (while the rest of us rowed in canoes beside her) to an island, where we tied up the canoes and relaxed on the rocky shore. We also dove off a small cliff into the clean, clear water. One night we cooked a barbecue chicken dinner over the fire pit while we were shooting, and every evening we would relax on the porch, chatting and watching the storms over the lake." - Alli M., Stylist

"I loved how, in the early morning hours, fog would linger over the lake and mountains, mixed with the sound of birds and the smell of rain. We had a bit of free time to canoe on the lake, dive into its clear waters, and cheer Isa on during her swim! It was great getting out of the office and being in nature with the team. We cooked and ate dinner together every night on the porch. Moments like that, I'm really thankful for," - Katie H., Product Photographer

"After a busy shoot, it was great to relax with the whole team and make family-style dinners. One night we made 72 meatballs! The quiet, dark evenings were also the perfect setting to tell a few ghost stories at the end of the day." - Melissa M., Web Merchandiser 

"I loved waking up and feeling inspired by the nature around us. The lake was so secluded and peaceful, offering a new perspective on the work we were creating. I also enjoyed seeing storms cross the lake, and watching the fog roll over the mountains. Stepping away from the city to work in a place like Lake George was special and really rewarding, especially after seeing all the photos and footage that we captured!" - Adelyn D., Stylist

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