Talking Wild Interiors with Hilton Carter + Adelyn Duchala


Hilton Carter, author and plant stylist, recently published his second book, Wild Interiors, a gorgeously green celebration of the plant-filled homes of 12 others, including the Philadelphia loft of our very own creative photographer, Adelyn Duchala. As an alternative to the in-person book event we’d originally scheduled later this month, we thought it would be fun to invite Hilton to do an Instagram Live with Adelyn—they’ll be starting the conversation at 1pm EST this Wednesday, April 8th, on our Instagram page and we hope to see you there! Hilton talked with Adelyn ahead of their Instagram Live to discuss the ideas for this book, what he’s learned after writing two, and how he approached each of the homes.

Adelyn: First, congratulations on your second book, and I’m thrilled to be included in its pages! How did you get the inspiration for Wild Interiors? It feels like the perfect next step after Wild at Home.

Hilton: Thank you, Adelyn! Happy to have you be a part of it. The concept came about during my first book tour. At each signing, I found myself chatting with attendees about their personal plant journeys and I thought—yes, a book that captures the stories and stylings of other plant lovers.

Adelyn: There are so many inspiring, jaw dropping spaces in this book! Can you talk to us about how you chose the folks you ended up including?

Hilton: I’m so inspired by every home and individual featured in Wild Interiors. I made the decisions on who I would feature because of their deep passion for greenery, for their creativity, and eye for plant styling. Some are friends of mine, some are friends of friends, others are folks I’ve been following on Instagram, and still others were sent my way from my publishers. I ended up with 12 main features and 10 other places and people featured in the room-by-room section. Something for everyone!

Adelyn: Every space you feature is so unique—how did you photograph each space to reflect each person’s personal style?

Hilton: When I arrived at each person’s home, I’d take a bit of time to talk to them about their space and then walk through with them to get a good feel for it. My goal was to capture the elements that made each home special and said something about the people who live there. For example, when I was photographing Joel Bernstein’s home, I wanted to make sure I got as many wide shots as possible. While he’s a minimalist when it comes to plants, he’s a maximalist when it comes to objects and art, and I wanted to capture that beauty. I did my best to bottle a bit of the magic of each space with my photos.

Adelyn: Did your time spent in other people’s homes spark any future plant dream plans you want to see happen in your own home?

Hilton: Yes! I instantly wanted to purchase a home and renovate it with large windows and even more plants! But in the meantime I’ll settle with the 200 plants in my small apartment.

Adelyn: Now that you have written two books about plants, have any of your philosophies about plants and plant care changed at all?

Hilton: I’ve become even more of an advocate for seeing plants as living beings worthy of your passion, time, and attention.

Be sure to tune in on Instagram at 1pm EST on April 8th and keep checking back for more fun events through the end of the month!

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