Talking Tropicals


Whether you live in consistently warm location or a region that experiences changeable seasons, summer is the perfect opportunity to embrace the exotic with a bountiful display of tropical plants. Our Decorating Services designer, Matt M., recently put together this luxurious arrangement of summer containers for a client, and we just can’t get over how beautiful it is! “It really has everything but the kitchen sink,” says Matt. “I used common tropicals as the infrastructure, then accessorized with a curated array of sun-loving and long-lasting perennials, annuals, herbs, and succulents. It’s more about textural layers than a focused color palette, so I was able to be very experimental in my combinations."

While working, Matt was determined to create a look that captured his client's eclectic and collected style. “I considered the plants as objects she had gathered during her travels and arranged them as if it was a vignette on a bookshelf. I’m so very fond of what the Croton standard is doing in this grouping. Its patterned leaves are a wonderfully whimsical focal point, and the effortless meadow of annuals surrounding it add a modern edge. The Chinese fan palm towers above the grouping at about 9 feet, making the perfect anchoring piece for this corner of the patio.”

Matt’s advice for creating your own tropical statement? “There are no rules! As long as you keep the plants' general needs in mind, then you can feel free to let the story you're telling take control. I think it's important to remember scale and have layers of height so that your eye constantly has somewhere to go.  Also, think ahead and plant things that will add a surprise of color or movement later on.”

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