Sun Printed Heart Valentines


One of our favorite crafts during the summer months, we're also falling in love with sun prints as this year's most creative Valentines. Cut from pretty red paper, the hearts above make charming, botanical cards that are sure to put a smile on your sweetheart's face. A row of hearts could also be strung together with twine to create a colorful garland. We plucked a few ferns and vines from our indoor garden to produce the lacy patterns that top these sun printed greetings, which are equal parts sweet and simple to make. 

To create the sun prints, lay out your design and follow the instructions included in the kit. Be sure to work quickly while arranging your botanicals, as the sun print will begin developing as soon as it's exposed to light. For a sharp image, use a clear overlay or our Sun Print Maker's Frame to hold the botanicals tightly against the paper. We also love the abstract, marbled appearance that can be achieved by placing your botanicals without an overlay. Once the prints have finished processing, snip out your greetings. To get the perfect heart, we used Valentine cookie cutters for tracing. 

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