Sun Printed Gifting


Always a favorite summertime activity, we're spreading the sun print love this season by gifting with nature-made cyanotypes in a variety of materials. Geometric arrangements of natural botanicals make for strikingly sun printed fabric; try swapping traditional paper for a length of patterned cotton or silk when wrapping a package. A sun printed silk scarf makes an especially beautiful and functional way to wrap candle or small hostess gift. Our latest sunprint creation-- customizable greeting cards-- pairs perfectly with blooming gifts since the paper can be printed with the silhouette of a matching flower. To create crisp-edged shapes when sun printing, choose the flattest botanicals possible and make sure they're pressed tightly to the paper or fabric-- we suggest using a pane of clear glass to hold them securely. Alternately, cut paper shapes to mimic your preferred blooms or create a transparency to achieve the cleanest design possible.

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