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Today, we're keeping busy in the kitchen as we prepare for a feast with family and friends, but earlier this week we took a few moments to ask the terrain team about their Thanksgiving traditions. Eight cooks from our office, stores and cafe shared the recipes that always make an appearance on the harvest table. From classic casseroles and pies to a spiced-up stuffing, terrain's menu is sounding pretty delicious. Dig into our Thanksgiving favorites, below. 

Roast Turkey | Laura T., Art Director
I’ve had my Thanksgiving turkey so many ways through the years! My grandmother had a very formal dinner and prepared a beautiful, traditional roast turkey to complement her silver trays and napkin rings. On the other side of my family, my uncle deep fried the turkey for a more casual buffet with all my aunts, uncles and cousins. These days, my husband is the chef and recommends brining the turkey with salts, spices, herbs and vinegar. Every year, we have a potluck meal with friends at our house; we'll be sharing our turkey with them the day before the holiday.

Stuffing with Brussels Sprouts + Pancetta | Fran D., Greengoods Buyer
My parents have hosted both sides of our family for Thanksgiving since before I can remember. Since we have so many people for dinner, we need a lot of food; everyone gets an assignment, and I've been given the same four dishes for the past few years. I think it's important to continue traditions on Thanksgiving, but I also like to keep things interesting! One of my dishes is stuffing, and I try to switch up my recipe year to year. This version is so good, and I love the unexpected flavors.

Sweet Potato Casserole | Cat K., Communications Manager
Though I was mostly raised in the northeast, my parents are both true southerners and our “wouldn’t-be-Thanksgiving-without-it” dish was always my mom’s sweet potato casserole. I made it myself for the first time with my husband’s family in Pennsylvania, and I remember being horrified by how much sugar the recipe called for! The classic family feud that arises every year, though: to top with a pecan praline crust (my mom’s favorite) or, the always classy option, mini marshmallows (my dad and younger sister’s favorite)? I’m hosting this year and am planning to head off any complaints with a little something for everyone: half-praline-half-marshmallow! 

Green Bean Casserole | Shine C., Operations Manager
Our family loves the classic, kitschy green bean casserole, made using the recipe found on the canister of fried onions. I don’t know of any other use for canned Cream of Mushroom Soup or fried onions, but green bean casserole is pure nostalgia. It doesn’t matter where you go for Thanksgiving – someone inevitably brings out the casserole, and it's always a favorite.

Cranberry Chutney | Erin S., Greengoods Merchandise Assistant
My parents have hosted Thanksgiving every year since they were first married – a tradition that is now 30 years old. As the years have passed and the family has grown, so has the length of our dining table. My dad and uncle do most of the cooking, but I've always been asked to contribute my cranberry chutney. Chunkier than a cranberry sauce, this chutney offers a variety of textures – whole cranberries, diced apples, triangles of sliced lemon, and orange rinds. Tart yet sweet, with a finishing splash of Grand Marnier and a subtle burn from cayenne pepper, the flavor nicely complements roast turkey during the meal and when used to make paninis the next day (also a tradition). This dish has a special spot on the table, in a piece of china that was a wedding gift to my parents.

Baked Brie | Sarah D., Product Coordinator
My favorite dish to make for Thanksgiving is a baked brie that's perfect for snacking before or during the meal. I cut off the top and bottom of a wheel of brie, then wrap it in phyllo dough and add a pretty topper – usually a folded pattern or leaf cut from extra dough. Once it's baked to be brown and flaky, I top it with caramel, fig jam, or cranberry preserves and some walnuts. Served with sliced apples and crackers, it's always a huge hit!

Pecan Pie | Susan S., Assistant Décor Manager 
Family holidays wouldn't be complete without at least one, two, or three of my pies. I'm the designated Thanksgiving pie maker (and I love to do it!). To carry on the tradition that both of my Grandmoms brought to our family gatherings, my pies start with a homemade crust and pure, simple ingredients. The pie that my family likes best is a very straightforward Pecan Pie. I like to embellish it with autumn leaves cut from extra pie dough, and sometimes make my own whipped cream flavored with bourbon or Southern Comfort.  

Apple Bundt Cake with Butterscotch Glaze | Hilary M., Pastry Chef
A co-worker gave me this recipe a few years ago and I’ve been making it on Thanksgiving for my family ever since. This bundt cake is a gorgeous centerpiece dessert and provides a delicious alternative to pie! I like to try it out with different varieties of apples and mix in walnuts, pecans, or cranberries. Sometimes, I candy a few handfuls of nuts to sprinkle on top of the glaze for a beautiful garnish.

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