The Square Foot Garden: Spring Planning

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Laura Twilley, Square Foot Gardening Watercolor, terrain
Laura Twilley, Square Foot Gardening Watercolor, terrain


With spring on the horizon, terrain Art Director Laura T. is planning a square foot-style, raised bed vegetable garden to cultivate throughout the summer. Ideal for maximizing space in a compact plot, the square foot method involves planting 12x12" sections of different vegetables to create a small but dense garden. This allows for ample yields and diverse crops while limiting maintenance. As she waits for planting season, Laura created the pretty painting above to organize her garden into sixteen parcels for her favorite vegetables, including some terrain picks-- Organic Galilee Spinach from California's All Good Things, and Tom Thumb Lettuce from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. in Missouri. Laura says, "I love to see lots of color in the garden and, as they say, 'eat the rainbow.'” We'll be checking in throughout the seasons to see how her garden is growing. Here's what she'll be planting this spring:


Golden Sweet Snow Pea
Scarlet Kale 
Red Russian Kale

Organic Galilee Spinach

Tom Thumb Lettuce 
Five Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard
Mascara Lettuce

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  • Kristina said...

    This is stunning! I would absolutely buy this as a print if I could.

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