Spring String Gardens


Inspired by the Japanese bonsai tradition of kokedama, we created this easy how-to for a delicate string garden with a colorful, new twist. Using bright lengths of raffia and silk-like tailors’ ribbon, these Easter-ready gardens bring a needed breath of fresh air to our anticipation of spring’s around-the-corner arrival. 

What You'll Need:

Small, colorful bulbs (tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils are all good choices)
Sheet or clump moss
Silk ribbon

1. Choose two or three bulbs to plant. Starting with one bulb, cover the roots or the entire bulb in soil, patting gently to form a sphere. 

2. Add additional bulbs one at a time, incorporating more soil as needed to completely cover the roots or bulbs.

3. Cut a piece of moss that will completely cover the ball of soil. Soak the moss in water and drain.

4. Place the ball in the center of the moss, moss side down. Wrap completely, pressing gently to keep the moss together.

5. Choose a colorful raffia and begin wrapping the moss ball. Wrap snugly, keeping in mind that the raffia helps the ball maintain its shape when hanging.

6. When you've finished wrapping, tie the ends of the raffia together with a strong knot.

7. Cut a length of your favorite ribbon and attach to the raffia near the top of the ball for hanging.

8. To water, submerge the moss ball and watch for bubbles. When you no longer see bubbles, the plant is fully watered. Gently squeeze out excess water and place in the sink to drain before re-hanging. Check your plant's weight to determine when it needs water-- dry plants feel very light.

9. Hang and enjoy your own spring preview!

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  • Feltlikesmiling said...

    These look gorgeous and your tutorial makes it seem so easy. I will defintely be trying this one at home. Thanks

  • JulieZ said...

    The kokedama with the spring bulbs is beautiful! I would like to make one but it appears that the bulbs sit on top of the moss ball. How did you secure your bulbs to the moss sphere?

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