Spring at the Store


Spring is in full swing at our Styer's location this week thanks to an Easter display that's taking center stage. The season's sweetest confections pair with bright flowers, sweet bunnies, and our favorite basket-fillers for a bountiful collection that's ready for gifting and decorating. We're especially excited to welcome back favorites like Belvoir cordials, Butter Baked Goods marshmallows in new flavors, chocolate veggies, and classic Weck jars filled with robin's eggs and jelly beans. Best of all? These cheerful arrivals are paired with a show-stopping springtime planter. Bursting with wild branches, lush fern kokedama, and rustic, twiggy nests, this oversized Easter basket includes all of our natural favorites for the new season. Blooming daffodils and exotic orchids complete the look, providing a hint of complementary color for the rich greenery.

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