3 Spring Looks for Stargazer Lights


Our perennial favorite for festive décor, we're bringing Stargazer Lights into a new season with three bright ideas. Our multi-strand Cascade Falls are headed to spring garden parties, while the classic single strand is illuminating the mantel alongside fresh branches and blooms. Recently, we caught up with our stylists for their tips on creating these three glowing displays.

First up, our 4-foot Cascade Fall brightens a chandelier that's ideal for cocktail hour on the patio. We started with the Garden Chandelier Hook, then chose a simple, mossy wreath as the chandelier base. Next, we attached the lights to the top of the hook and let the strands fall naturally through the center of the wreath. Our colorful garland of metal flowers and a few wild vines tucked around the wreath complete the look.

With wedding season in mind, our stylists also created a starry trellis topped with layers of lights. The 7-foot Cascade Fall is the foundation for this look, which requires a trellis covered with established greenery. We rested the light bundle on top of the trellis, then pulled individual strands through the structure to create a curtain of twinkling lights that would make a striking backdrop for celebratory photos. A swag of globe lights strung across the archway adds a bit of extra glow.

Our last look brings Stargazers indoors along with elements from the garden. Starting with a bundle of pussy willow branches, we created an abundant garland to top the mantel. Use floral wire to connect the branches, then add in foraged greens and fresh or faux flowers-- as the season progresses, you could swap out the accents with new finds from the garden. A simple strand of silver Stargazers adds warm light, while a backdrop of green glass vases accents the natural cuttings.

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