Spring Sweets with Golden Fig

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A vibrant addition to our spring pantry, Golden Fig sugars, salts, and spice blends are a simple way to bring bold flavor to the kitchen. Golden Fig founder Laurie McCann Crowell honed her skills as an apprentice to top fancy food creators, including Ina Garden of Barefoot Contessa. With 10 flavorful options that include floral salts, herbal sugars and edible flower petals, the Golden Fig collection provided an abundance of inspiration when we hosted a spring bake-off with the terrain staff. Read on for eight sweet treats made by the terrain team, from sparkling cocktails to chocolate confections. 

Rose & Vanilla Bean Cupcakes
"I made a vanilla bean cupcake, then topped it with vanilla buttercream icing flavored using a splash of rosewater. To tint the icing a light pink, I added just a little beet juice. A tiny bit of the juice goes a long way for color, so you don't taste the beets at all! Before serving, I sprinkled rose petals over the icing and accented each cupcake with a rosebud or two." - Cat K., Communications Manager

Lavender Ginger Smoothie Bowl
"Inspired by a recipe from Lily Kunin, I made a smoothie bowl with berries and bananas. I blended frozen berries and bananas, freshly-chopped ginger, almond milk, and Lavender Ginger Sugar to make the smoothie base, then coated fresh raspberries with more of the sugar. Finally, I topped the bowl with the sugared berries, lavender buds, coconut, and granola. I especially like this recipe because the lavender is calming and ginger boosts immunity." - Kelly D., Buyer

French Chocolate Mendiants
"A classic French confection, mendiants are traditionally made with dried or candied fruit and nuts. I topped my version with coconut shavings, sliced almonds, candied pineapple, pistachios, goji berries, dried cherries, and dehydrated raspberries for color. A sprinkling of chocolate salt serves as the finishing touch." - Danielle P., Print Art Director

Almond Rose Chocolate Bark
"Starting with a base of dark chocolate, I made a chocolate bark swirled with white chocolate and topped with a mix of dried berries and slivered almonds. Savory Sel de Rose serves to offset the sweetness of the chocolate and berries. "- Caroline L., Product & Community Writer

Baked Pears with Lavender Salt & Honey
"I love this recipe as a healthy, quick, and simple dessert for weeknights. Start by halving the pears, then top with honey, cinnamon, pecans, and lavender salt before baking. Who doesn't love the flavors of honey, cinnamon, and pecan together?" - Diane S., Events Manager

Grapefruit Rum Daquiri
"This colorful cocktail has a sweet flavor for spring. I mixed grapefruit juice, triple sec and white rum, then coated the rim with Lemon Rosebud Sugar. I also froze edible rose petals into the ice cubes for a floral flavor." - Kait C., Print Designer

Vanilla Lavender Sugar Cookies
"I made my tried-and-true sugar cookie recipe, then topped each cookie with royal icing and sprinkled a handful of lavender buds over the icing before it dried." - Laura T., Photo & Interactive Art Director

Fleur de Mer Lemonade
"To dress up a glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade, I dipped the rim in Fleur de Mer, a blend of sea salt with colorful petals of red rose, lavender, sunflower, and hibiscus. I also floated a few hibiscus flowers on top of the lemonade for a lightly floral flavor." - Alli M., Stylist

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