Specimen Guide: BloomThat Mother's Day Bouquet


With all the wonderful moms of the world in mind, we’ve collaborated with San Francisco-based floral service, BloomThat, on an exclusive Mother’s Day bouquet. Featuring uncommon, responsibly grown blooms in a natural arrangement, this garden inspired bouquet is a lush, fragrant addition to your Mother’s Day celebration. We've included some terrain favorites like ranunculus, jasmine, and hellebore, with the foliage choices as a nod to the tropical plant trend. Below, we’ve broken down the arrangement to give you the full story on the individual blooms.

A: Tropical Aspidistra Leaf: Popular among Victorian households for its adaptability to cool, dark climates, the tropical aspidistra plant bears glossy, dark green leaves that bloom purple flowers in the spring.

B: White Lysimachia: Nicknamed gooseneck loosestrife for its resemblance to a goose’s long neck, lysimachia blooms in late spring and adds a touch of whimsy to our bouquet.

C: Burgundy Astrantia: This purple perennial derives its name from the Latin aster, meaning star, for the open, petal-like bracts that surround the pincushion flowers. There are approximately eight or nine species of Astrantia, which belongs to the same family as carrots.

D: Secret Garden Rose: With a large, full bloom and light, floral scent, the secret garden rose is an especially lush variant on the standard.

E: Peach Lisianthus: Often mistaken for a rose because of its full petals, lisianthus is notorious for being finicky and hard to grow, thus making it an extra-special addition to cut arrangements.

F: Agonis: We love this Australian shrub for the depth and texture it brings to our bouquet, with its gracefully drooping branches and light peppermint fragrance.

G: Hellebore: A terrain favorite, Hellebore are often the first flowers to bloom after winter, making them a welcome harbinger of spring. Around 20 species exist, but all share a distinctive appearance: clusters of bell-shaped, downward-facing blooms and leathery foliage.

H: Burgundy Ranunculus: Often called the rose of spring, ranunculus is a popular flower for cutting gardens thanks to its plentiful, long-lasting blooms. With over 600 species, countless colors of these delicate, many-petaled blooms can be cultivated.

I: Secret Garden Rose: See D.

J: Hellebore: See G.

K: Pink Cymbidium Orchid: Prized for bouquets thanks to their elegant, tropical look, the pink cymbidium orchid offers a large bloom of pink, waxy petals with a patterned lip. One of the easiest orchids to grow, cymbidium prefer an outdoor environment with warm days and cool nights.

L: Boston Fern: Low-maintenance and with a bold, full appearance, the Boston fern is a beloved household plant that adds unexpected texture and height to cut arrangements. It favors humid, warm environments and grows well in a hanging basket to give its ruffled fronds plenty of space to expand naturally.

M: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus: So named for its silvery leaves, the silver dollar eucalyptus is a hardy, low maintenance eucalyptus species that can be grown as a bushy shrub or single tree. Distinctively aromatic and long lasting, its favored to add depth and height to cut arrangements.


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