Winter Wellness: At-Home Spa Essentials


Nothing beats a trip to the spa, but why leave the house on a wintry day when you can create your own spa experience at home? A few simple changes can transform the bath into an indoor oasis, suitable for finding your center and creating peace of mind. To bring the luxury and tranquility of the spa home with us, we asked terrain's resident health and beauty expert, Nicolisa W., to share her essentials for creating the ultimate in-home retreat. 

terrain: What’s the first step to making your space spa-ready? 

Nicolisa: First, it is important to make sure that all areas are free of clutter. Mirrors, trays, hook racks, natural baskets, and pretty jars for storing essentials are all key. Everything should have a home. Sometimes, a quick coat of paint can make all the difference – choose cool, soothing tones that will be both calming and nurturing. If painting isn’t an option, new bath linens are a great way to incorporate refreshing color. Finally, at least one vase, whether for a single stem or a whole arrangement, should always be present. 

terrain: What are a few of your essential products or accessories? 

Nicolisa: Sea sponges and hemp washcloths are a must for natural cleaning and exfoliation. Just make sure to keep them dry between uses! Mineral salts are perfect for the bath; you can even use baking soda to soften the water. River stones, prepared in the microwave or in boiling water, can be placed on your towel or your body to warm fatigued muscles and joints. It’s always a good idea to have a favorite lotion on hand as well – I’m particularly loving the refreshing citrus scents of the new Bronnley line. Use dim lighting, candles, and plants to create a spa-like atmosphere. Having a silk eyemask and neck warmer on hand will allow for further indulgence and relaxation. I always like to have a glass pitcher of cucumber-lemon water, along with a few tumblers, on hand for refreshment. I've also have found some great recipes for detox drinks in the book Clean Slate

terrain: What types of plants will thrive in a spa? 

Nicolisa: Sanseveria (snake plant) is great for spaces that don’t get a lot of sunlight – it requires very little care, often the humidity of a bathroom is a enough moisture to keep it sustained. The same goes for tillandsias, which can be placed in anything from a shell to a dish to bring an added touch of life to the room. Orchids, ferns, and jasmine, with its delicate white flowers and night blooming fragrance, are other great options. Fresh cuts of eucalyptus, lavender, rose, calendula, bee balm monarda, and delphinium are all magnificent, whether displayed in an arrangement or as a single spray. Use the fallen leaves or petals in the bath tub or store them in a Weck jar as potpourri!

terrain: Creating a spa environment isn’t just about objects – what are some meditation practices that can help achieve ultimate relaxation? 

Nicolisa: There are many ways to meditate. In your tranquil spa setting, light a candle or use an aromatherapy essential oil such as lavender, rose geranium, or ylang ylang. Have a soft blanket or plush cotton towel on hand, an assortment of plants, and calming music (if desired). Your bath-time experience can also be a great place to meditate, especially if you mix in dead sea salt to relieve muscle aches. Lemon balm can assist with exhaustion and fatigue, and calendula oil is a simple skin essential. Clear your mind and let go of daily stresses. Allow yourself to simply be and to feel. 

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