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As the temperature climbs, we’ve found ourselves in need of a summer thirst-quencher with a twist, so we decided to catch up with Dram Apothecary owner and herbal alchemist Shae Whitney. The only wild-crafted bitters company in the US, Dram specializes in handmade, small-batch bitters. Shae uses only hand-foraged herbs and organic ingredients that are blended at 9,100 feet with spring water directly from the mountain peaks in Silver Plume, Colorado. A tiny town of just 200 residents, Silver Plume is dotted with century-old structures from its past as a silver mining settlement. This historic setting proves an ideal location for practicing the art of bitters-making, which dates back to Renaissance herbal medicine. Combining mixology with herbalism, Dram bitters bring a unique dimension to cocktails and act as natural remedies for aliments of the body, from seasonal allergies to upset stomachs. We teamed up with Shae to create a signature cocktail for the season, featuring Dram Citrus Medica bitters, which taste great and promote digestive health—a win-win! Check out her recipe below. 

Americana Cider Sangria

22 oz. hard cider - Shae recommends Crispin or Woodchuck Amber
1 cup apple juice or non-alcoholic apple cider
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 orange, thinly sliced in rings
1 cup fresh fruit – we chose raspberries
1/4 cup top shelf gin
2 tablespoons Dram Citrus Medica Bitters
1 bunch fresh mint

Combine all ingredients except hard cider into your favorite pitcher or dispenser. Just before serving, add ice and cider to the mix, stir well, and garnish with fresh mint. Makes four servings. 

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