Preview: Twilight 'Farm'acy with Unite for Her


On October 3, we’re opening our doors in Glen Mills for the Twilight ‘Farm’acy-- an evening of recipe tastings, organic beauty tips, information about food and wellness, and more-- in partnership with Unite for Her. Founded in 2009 by breast cancer survivor Sue Weldon, Unite for Her provides complimentary therapies like massage, acupuncture, Reiki, yoga, and nutritional counseling to breast cancer patients at hospitals in the Philadelphia area. The nonprofit also develops programs that educate women of all ages about wellness and disease prevention through healthy lifestyle choices. Recently, we chatted with Sue about Unite for Her and what we can look forward to on Thursday.

terrain: How did the collaboration between Unite for Her and terrain begin?

Sue: Unite for Her's mission of promoting an organic, toxin-free lifestyle is so well-aligned with terrain that a partnership felt like a natural fit for us. Because the environment itself is so healing at Styer's, terrain has already hosted two of our Wellness Days, where we invite 40-50 breast cancer patients from a partner hospital for an educational day where they can learn about complimentary therapies. Not only do the women receive vouchers for organic CSA shares, nutrition consultations, and their choice of therapies—so they can enjoy improved wellness without any financial burden—they also feel empowered and restored by these new tools. 

terrain: What inspired the Twilight ‘Farm’acy?

Sue: This event reflects the second part of our mission—providing education to women and girls of all ages so they can make healthy upgrades to their lives and stay well for a lifetime. A central part of our philosophy is “food as medicine,” so the Twilight ‘Farm’acy gives us a chance to reach a wider audience of women with messages about proactive, preventative choices.

terrain: Which of the evening’s events are you looking forward to most?

Sue:  For me, the nutritional aspect of the evening is key—everyone can make healthy changes to their diet to promote wellness. [terrain chef] Keith is preparing food for tastings, as well as to-go dishes that attendees can take home. We’ve also teamed up with Lancaster Farm Fresh—the CSA that we work with, and that provides vegetables for terrain’s kitchen—to give a CSA share to the first 50 guests who donate $25 or more to Unite for Her.

terrain: What’s on the horizon at Unite for Her?

Sue: We’re experiencing tremendous growth—last year we were working with five hospitals, and this year we’ve doubled that number—so our primary goal is to keep expanding while staying hands-on. Four additional hospitals are waiting to join our program, so our biggest initiative is fundraising. Along with the Twilight ‘Farm’acy, we’re hosting an event called Harvest in late October. We’re teaming up with Philly chefs, restaurants, and vineyards—including Styer’s Garden Café—for an evening of food and wine tastings, entertainment, and a silent auction. Our goal is to help as many patients as we can, so we’re always working to grow and spread the word about our mission

The Twilight ‘Farm’acy will be held on Thursday, October 3 from 5-8P, and is free and open to the public. To learn more, please visit our events page.

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