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The beginning of spring brings so much to look forward to— longer, warmer days, fresh blooms sprouting in the garden, and of course– wedding season! We can’t think of anything more romantic than a spring garden wedding. With this in mind, our friend Brigette M. from Free People came up with three seasonal DIY’s using our favorite paper pot press. Not just wedding-worthy, her creations are also sure to delight as favors at showers, dinner parties, and more. Learn how to make each of these pot press projects below.

Moss + Fern Centerpiece

What You'll Need
Paper pot press
Patterned paper (Brigette used antique floral cardstock paper)
Preserved moss
Pressed fern leaves

Choose your paper, and cut a strip that’s about 3.5″ x 10″. Roll the paper around the press, and fold down the ends. Press into the wooden form to secure the shape, then remove.

Stuff each pot with preserved moss (Brigette chose reindeer moss) and accent with a pressed fern for added height and drama. 

Scatter down the middle of a table to create a unique, woodland centerpiece. We think these would also make great place card holders! 

Dried Herb + Flower Potpourri Cups

What You'll Need
Paper pot press
Brown paper bag
Acrylic paint
Dried herbs (Brigette used lavender)
Dried flowers

Cut a brown paper bag down to the recommended size to create a pot with your press.

Trim the top of the pot to create a low cup and decorate it to your liking using acrylic paint. 

Fill each cup with dried herbs and flowers. 

This versatile DIY can be lined up to create a fragrant centerpiece, used as place cards, or given as favors. 

Wildflower Favors 

What You'll Need
Paper pot press
Patterned paper 
Wildflower seeds
String or twine 

Select a patterned paper and use your press to create a pot. You can even use art scissors to create a shaped top-edge like Brigette did. 

Fill the pot halfway with soil and mix in wildflower seeds. 

Poke two holes in the pot across from each other and pinch the top closed. 

String natural twine through the holes to seal the top of pot, creating the perfect take-home-and-grow favor. At home, the top of the pot can be untied to allow your wildflower seeds to grow. Tell your guests that once the seeds start to sprout, they can be transplanted into the garden or a larger container. 

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