A Planted Fire Pit


As summer temperatures climb, we've found a way to repurpose our favorite fire pits as planted patio accents. While it's too hot for fireside gatherings, we're filling our shallow bowl fire pits with hardy plantings of succulents and stone. These summer gardens bring color to outdoor spaces during the warmest months and can be removed in fall, when bonfire season begins again. Abby R. and Kaitlin D. from Design by Terrain planted the vibrant fire pit above. Read on to learn more about the look

Our designers say, "Starting with a rustic iron fire pit, we chose dense collection of textural plants that can tolerate summer heat. Before planting, we filled the fire pit with Growstone and Cactus & Succulent Potting Soil to provide adequate drainage. Next, we chose a palette of dark, dramatic succulents and cacti. Our planting includes aloe, assorted flowering sedum, Rhipsalis, and Aeonium. To contrast the dark tones of the foliage, we finished the planting with clean, white stones."

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