Phoenicia Flea at the Autumn Bounty Festival


This weekend at Styer's and next weekend in Westport, we'll be celebrating the arrival of fall at our annual Autumn Bounty Festival! Lots of friends will be joining us for an afternoon of crackling fires, seasonal treats, garden inspiration, kid's crafts and more. We're especially excited to welcome some of the Hudson Valley's best makers and merchants at the Phoenicia Flea Marketplace. Inspired by the creative community in the New York town of Phoenicia, founder James Anthony began curating the Flea in 2014. Two years later, it pops up all over the Northeast. We caught up with James to find out what we can look forward to at the festival

terrain: How did you decide to start Phoenicia Flea? How has it grown over the years?

James: I always wanted to see a maker's market in the town of Phoenicia, NY; I had a weekend home nearby and thought that the lively area could sustain a marketplace. In 2014, I became General Manager of The Graham & Co. hotel in downtown Phoenicia. I was able to set up a marketplace on the hotel property, and Phoenicia Flea was born! We did two fantastic events in 2014; thanks to their success, I began holding a monthly Flea the following summer. The Graham & Co, wasn't able to host that often, so we became nomadic, popping up at locations throughout the Hudson Valley. Word of mouth about the market began to spread, and we were invited to new destinations like Brooklyn, Coney Island, Asbury Park, and now terrain! We've truly become a traveling market of makers and merchants.

terrain: How do you select the vendors who join the market?

James: It's simple: I have to love what they make! There's no application process; I look at what they do, and if I connect with it they're invited to the market.

terrain: Why is the Hudson Valley such a wonderful location for growers, makers, and artisans?

James: Hudson Valley has historically been an escape for creatives. Even now, lots of creative people are looking for a better quality of life -- more freedom than NYC might be able to give them. Many of them have made the region a permanent home, discovered new passions, and devote their time to making things.

terrain: What is fall like in the Hudson Valley?

James: Extraordinary! Leaf season is quite short, but at its peak it takes your breath away. The cool temperatures and the approach of the holiday season bring a magical feeling. Bonfires, apple picking, dinner parties, sweater weather...what a life!

terrain: What are you most looking forward to about Phoenicia Flea at Autumn Bounty?

James: We are all such fans of terrain! Destination markets are always the best because we're really bringing our goods and the Hudson Valley culture to a new region. People will get to see and take home beautiful things that they might not have the chance to find without visiting the Hudson Valley. I also love connecting the dots with like-minded people. Phoenicia Flea has its roots in the Hudson Valley, but we're also part of a bigger movement to buy something from the person who made it.

Join James and the Phoenicia Flea at the Autumn Bounty Festival, September 24 in Glen Mills & October 1 in Westport. After the festival in Westport, James will host a Phoenicia Flea cocktail hour, and the Garden Cafe will feature seasonal specials inspired by the Hudson Valley harvest. Images courtesy of Escape Brooklyn

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