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Newly arrived from the Hudson Valley, Petals & Moss wreaths are hand-crafted by floral designer Nancy Lee. Inspired by the surrounding landscape and her love of gardening, Nancy's wreaths take strikingly organic shapes that spotlight an abundance of vibrant blooms -- including some from her own garden. This spring, three wild and wonderful wreaths from Petals & Moss can be found at terrain. Recently, we caught up with Nancy to talk about botanical inspiration and spring in the Hudson Valley. 

terrain: How did you get started in floral design?

Nancy: Petals & Moss began in 2015, when I decided to take some courses at the New York Botanical Garden. It seemed like a natural path to pursue -- I've always loved gardening, nature, being outdoors, and foraging in the woods. My experience as an artist guides me in creating colors and patterns for each design. I love working with both fresh and dried flowers -- drying florals is an art in itself.

terrain: Where do you find inspiration for your designs? Does the landscape of the Hudson Valley influence your work?

Nancy: I take in the whole picture when I'm designing, starting with the innate flow of the flowers used. My inspiration is always rooted in the blooms that can be found in my own garden. This spring, I'm looking toward natural and organic styles -- less is more. My work is very much influenced by the landscape here in the Hudson Valley; I love to find inspiration in the forms and shapes of nature. 

terrain: Where do you source your flowers? Are there any particular blooms or materials that you're embracing this season?

Nancy: During the growing season, I source my flowers from local farms. I'm fortunate to live in an area where there are several flower farms to choose from, which makes my job even more fun! As spring begins here, I'm working a lot with ranunculus and anemones. I also can't wait for sweet peas! For the terrain wreaths, I wanted to create organic shapes, beginning with grapevine and natural bases. I was inspired by foraging trips in the nearby woods, and incorporated some flowers from my own garden as well.

terrain: What is spring like in the Hudson Valley?

Nancy: Spring here is always very welcome! The first sign of warmer weather brings out the tree frogs; when you hear them singing, you know spring is here. Then it's time to look around the garden, clean up the beds, add mulch, and begin the season. I don't have a greenhouse, but I like to start some flower and vegetable seeds indoors in April. This is the time of year when winter's plotting and planning comes together in the garden. 

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