New in the Nursery: Yellow Cosmos


With temperatures heating up, we've recently been drawn to brighter, more saturated colors in the garden. This week, our stylist Alli M. spotted a planting of buttery yellow cosmos that had just arrived in the Styer's nursery. She says, "This elegant container caught my eye because the colors offered such a striking contrast. I love the bright yellow of the cosmos against the cool blue tone of the Barnacle Urn." Also known as Sulfur Cosmos, these vibrant blooms are native to Central and South America. Though technically an annual, they may reappear in your garden for several years thanks to self-sowing. Tolerant of drier conditions, they prefer a full sun environment and can flourish in poor soils. Their bright flowers are a garden mainstay throughout the summer, making a bold statement on stems that can be up to 6 feet tall. These sun-loving flowers bring more than color to the garden-- they attract a variety of birds and butterflies, including Monarchs.

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