New in the Nursery: Summer Succulent Gardens


Newly arrived and freshly planted, the container gardens above are our favorite summer gifts from the nursery. Starting with durable, outdoor-ready planters, these gardens are hardy enough for a full season of sun and rising temperatures. They're also low-maintenance, making them the perfect pick for outdoor accents during vacation. We're taking a closer look at the components of these high summer garden gifts, below. 

Succulents: A popular garden addition at any time of year, succulents are especially suited to the high temperatures and low rainfall of midsummer. Available in countless shapes and colors-- as shown above-- succulents store water in fleshy foliage, allowing them to survive on minimal water sources like mist or dew. Summer heat and sun can also encourage succulents to change color, lending vibrant bursts of yellow, red, and purple to your garden. 

Sedum: A staple for landscapers, sedum mats can be planted on living walls, rock gardens, windowsills, and more. They can also be cut to size for container plantings using garden shears. Like succulents, most sedum varieties are able to withstand warm temperatures and minimal watering. We love simple, square planters filled with sedum as centerpieces or wall-mounted gardens that will flourish all summer long. 

Teak: Along with durable terracotta and fiberclay, teak is one of our favorite materials for outdoor plantings. Made from sustainably harvested wood, the one-of-a-kind bowls above can remain outdoors year-round. Each one is hand-carved to accentuate the natural grain of the teak, which will weather beautifully throughout the seasons. 

Throughout the year, our plant team highlights their freshest additions to the garden with New in the Nursery. Check in at your local store to take home these newly-arrived planters.

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