New in the Nursery: Starting from Seed


With spring less than two weeks away, we're more eager than ever to dig into this year's garden. Since the weather is still cold where we are, we're starting from seed and choosing some favorite varieties to plant in the coming weeks. Our experts searched far and wide for the best organic and heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs, and their seed selection is the newest arrival in our nursery. Read on to learn more about a few favorites that we'll be welcoming to our summer gardens.

White Tomesol Tomato: Thanks to their parchment-white skin, these unusual tomatoes are sure to be the center of attention in your garden. The White Tomesol is an heirloom variety that produces sweet and rich fruits, weighing about 8 oz. each. Our seeds are sourced from Missouri's Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co., who offer over 1750 varieties of historic seeds from the 19th century onward.

Cosmic Purple Carrot: A farmer's market favorite, this carrot variety from Baker Creek perfectly balances sweet and spicy flavors, We really love it, however, for its extraordinary color-- deep purple skin pairs with vivid, orange flesh for a striking salad topper.

Wild Zaatar Oregano: A flavorful herb that grows wild in the mountains of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, zaatar is a recent addition to our herb garden. A traditional spice in Middle Eastern cooking, it has recently gained popularity in restaurants across the US thanks to its complex blend of oregano, thyme, and marjoram flavors. 

Fish Pepper: An African-American heirloom with centuries-old roots in the Philadelphia and Baltimore regions, this petite and spicy pepper is the perfect pair for seafood and shellfish. It's also one of our favorite additions to potted gardens, since it thrives in container plantings and provides a burst of color with its multi-hued peppers in shades of red to green. 

Turga Parsnip: Sourced from All Good Things in Ojai, California, this organic, Hungarian heirloom is an excellent root vegetable for roasting. It produces substantial crops of stout, sweet roots with a hint of nutty flavor. 

Tlacolula Pink Tomato: An unusual heirloom with roots in Mexico, these striking tomatoes have a mild, sweet flavor. They're almost too pretty to eat; a semi-flat, pear shape and deep ribbing pairs with reddish-pink skin and a touch of gold at the shoulder of each fruit.

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