New in the Nursery: Rare Philodendrons


Within the wonderfully diverse world of indoor plants, the philodendron and monstera varieties consistently rank among the most coveted, captivating, and cool. They’re easy to care for, endlessly photographable, and can effortlessly transform any space. And recently, we brought in an exciting collection of some of the most unusual, rare, and gorgeous varieties of these plants we’ve ever seen. It’s been a treat for our entire team and we’re thrilled to have them in the nursery at Styer’s right now. We chatted with Kerry Ann McLean from our plant team to get the scoop on these special plants.

1. Philodendron, P. 'Burle Marx': “Named after the famed Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, whose last North American installation resides just down the street from Terrain at Styer’s in the Longwood Gardens Conservatory, this medium-sized philodendron is clean, bright green and instantly refreshing.”

2. Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera oblique: “The diminutive cousin of Monstera deliciosa, this sweet, perforated but vigorous vine will hang, trail, or drape just about anything.”

3. Silver Satin Pothos, Epipremnum aureum: “Who doesn’t love elegance in a houseplant; trained as a totem (encouraged to climb a vertical stake), this graceful and luminous pothos will glow indoors.”

4. Philodendron, P. ‘Prince of Orange’: “Philodendrons are no strangers to color and the ‘Prince of Orange’ is many colors in one. From true green to orange, coral and lime, every leaf is a surprise and continues to change as it matures.”

5. Philodendron, P. gloriosum: “Though it resembles an elephants ear, this philodendron's leaves are rounder, thicker and will stand proudly upright on a strongly vining stem. Try to do that, colocasia!"

6. Philodendron, P. warszewiczii: “Very rare and very wonderful; the ragged and exaggerated serration on every edge of every extra-lobed leaf is so unique, that every leaf demands individual contemplation. This is a specimen plant for the philodendron collector.”

Ready to bring one of these beauties into your home? Stop by our Styer’s location and find your favorite!

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