New in the Nursery: Fall Shrubs for Containers


While we’re always sad to see summer’s bright blooms fade away, there’s something refreshing about the moody, neutral hues of fall. It’s in this mindset that we’re happily switching our container gardens from flowers to foliage, and our store nurseries are stocked with unique fall shrubs we can’t wait to use. We spoke with Kerry Ann M. of our green goods team to hear about her favorites that are new right now!

1. Salix ‘Swizzlestick’: With foliage that becomes a buttery yellow to reveal twisty orange stems, the ‘Swizzlestick’ is a corkscrew willow that thrives in the fall.
2. Hypericum ‘Mocca’: The popular berry found in cut flowers at this time of year, this shrub is loaded with chocolate-cherry colored berries long into the season.
3. Thuja ‘Fire Chief’: An incredible evergreen that varies from orange to a rose gold color, we love combining this one with grasses, gaura, and amaranth for a textural container.
4. Callicarpa ‘Pearl Glam’: Tiny purple flowers become tiny purple pearl-like berries, which last long after foliage yellows and falls, so that it stays looking great through the season.

Ready to transform your containers with new fall shrubs? Visit your local terrain nursery to choose your favorites!

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