New in the Nursery: Bright Blooms for Fall Containers


Even though we’re in full fall mode at our stores and nurseries, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgone color and texture all together. Our nursery still blooms bright with colorful flowers, peppers, and grasses and we love them mixed with more muted tones for outdoor fall containers. We chatted with the always-informative Kerry Ann M. from our green goods team to hear what new nursery finds she’s excited about this month. 

1. Celosia ‘Intensa’: “This amaranth relative is an important source of late season food for bees, and is a bold annual for the fall container display (what a great combination!). While eaten around the world as a spinach substitute, most terrain locals probably grow it for its variety of forms (combs, plumes, or spikes) and welcomed vibrant color palette just as the season fades to all tawnies and browns.”

2. Peppers: “First and foremost, do not eat ornamental peppers! Most are extraordinarily and uncomfortably hot. Otherwise, adore them all season long and into the holiday season (if you move them indoors to a bright window before the season’s first frost). There is an ornamental pepper for every preference - short and thick, skinny and jalepeno-like, petite and button-like, purple, orange, yellow, orange, red and black; black leaf, green leaf, and variegated. Combine with celosia, mums, cabbage, pansies and, a grass and you have the classic complete fall container.”

3. Millet: “Another ancient food source that looks great on the front porch, millet is a broad-leaf grass that produces a dense head of seeds late in the fall season. Ornamental millet varieties come in chartreuse, dark purple, and copper colors - each color more distinct when grown in full sun. Combine with other fall blooming grasses and pumpkins for a truly wild and seasonal look.”

Stop by your local terrain nursery to find your own fall container inspiration. 

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