New in the Nursery: Aquatic Plant Container Gardens


We’re not the only ones who enjoy a dip in water in the summertime - there are some beautiful aquatic plants that thrive in wet environments too. And right now, we have some truly unique marginal plants in the terrain nurseries that work wonderfully in aquatic container plantings, like the Ruellia brittoniana ‘Katie in Pink’ and Cyperus ‘Baby Tut’ pictured above. We chatted with Kerry Ann M. from our green goods team to learn why marginal plants are perfect for summer container gardens and how to keep them happy year-round.

terrain: Hi Kerry Ann! First thing’s first - can you explain what marginal plants are and where they live?

Kerry Ann: Marginal plants are plants that, in nature, grow along the edge of a body of water and can be submerged in water to just above where the roots become the stem. For most plants, this occurs at the soil line and is often called the growing point. In an engineered pond, marginal plants are set on a shelf built along the side of the pond that will be submerged in water.

terrain: If you don’t have a pond to plant in, what is the best alternative?

Kerry Ann: Since marginal plants thrive in soil that is consistently wet or water-logged, they’re the perfect plant for a container without drainage (which is a major problem for many house plants!).

terrain: Perfect! What are the most important things to know when you’re working with marginal plants?

Kerry Ann: Most importantly, the soil should never be allowed to dry out. Use a heavy garden soil (potting soil  is too light and will float to the top of the container). Dress the top of the soil with attractive stone and water extra well - and your marginal plant will be happy! A pot of cattails (typha) or papyrus grass is a very attractive and architectural accent to any patio space without the fuss of a full pond.

Ready to create your own aquatic plant container garden? Contact your local terrain store to check on availability near you! 

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