New in the Nursery: The Miracle Fruit Tree


As we wait for spring to officially begin and bring with it all its myriad blooms and bounty, we’re happy to surround ourselves with interesting, lively indoor plants that can move outside with us once the weather warms up. Our most recent addition to the nursery is the miracle fruit tree, a plant that produces berries that instantly transforms acidic and sour foods on your tongue. With its unique molecular makeup, the Miracle Fruit tree berry juice coats your tongue for up to 30 minutes to make many foods taste sweet. Kerry Ann McLean from our green goods team gave us the dirt on how to care for our miracle fruit tree and what we can expect from the surprising berries.

A fun how-to: “Eat a berry and then eat a lemon (harvested from your patio lemon tree!) and be shocked at the flavor difference caused by the miracle molecule, miraculin. These berries have a low sugar content but will sweeten your life.” We love the idea of hosting a miracle fruit tree party at home with lemons, sour candy, honey, dark chocolate, and other treats on hand for guests to compare taste.

Care tips and tricks: “Situate on a patio in the dapple light of a shade tree, keep the soil lightly moist to slightly dry and the leaves well-misted, and this tropical shrub (no frost, please!) will continuously flower and produce berries all year long (the best production occurs when the plant is allowed to dry down a bit for a short while and then watered well).”

Ready to host your own miracle fruit tree party? Stop by your local terrain to pick up your plant!

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