New in the Nursery: Shrubs + Trees for Mother's Day Gifting


May brings us more than just flowers—it’s also the month that gives us the opportunity to celebrate the mother figures in our lives. Thankfully, flowers and moms go hand-in-hand, so we’re gearing up for Mother’s Day with a nursery full of giftable flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees. We chatted with Kerry Ann McLean from our green goods team to learn what makes these plants special, why the’re perfect to celebrate mom, and how to properly care for them both.

Syringa X hyacinthiflora, ‘Maiden’s Blush’ (lilac bush): One of the hardiest shrubs for full sun landscaping, ‘Maiden’s Blush’ is renown for its fragrance and pastel panicles. They require minimal care, but if they need pruning, it’s best to do just after flowering in early summer. Thinning a large shrub by one third every year (removing the oldest branches first) will reduce powdery mildew in humid areas. It’s a gorgeous, low maintenance gift that mom can enjoy for years.

Paeonia suffruticosa (tree peony): This tree should also only be pruned just after flowering and never pruned to the ground (they are not like herbaceous peonies that get a hard cut-back in fall). A woody form of the more common (and sometimes floppy) herbaceous peony, tree peony flowers are incredibly large, rigidly upright, and brilliantly colored. Gifting mom a peony tree rather than a bouquet will bring her happiness season after season.

Stop by your local terrain nursery to find these new additions. We also have Design by Terrain arrangements and many more perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

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