New in the Nursery: Pink Flowers for Spring


Spring is the season of pink—it seems like overnight, blooms in all manner of blush hues appeared on the trees in the park, in our flower beds at home, and even alongside nearby county roads. Our nurseries are also currently stocked with a full selection of the prettiest pink flowers for you to plant at home and we’re sharing two of our favorites below.

Camellia japonica ‘Nuccio’s Cameo’: A shrub with an upright, dense habit and glossy, deep green foliage, Nuccio's Cameo has large, soft blooms. Kerry Ann McLean from our green goods team explains their charm, saying, “there is a brief moment in spring when the world dresses itself as if for a ball: when cherry trees adorn themselves in bubble gum taffeta, when camellia's flowers twirl into existence, and magnolias toast their glory in many large luscious chalices.”

Magnolia stellata ‘Centennial’: Speaking of magnolias, these beauties are commonly called the star magonlia and are native to Japan. They flower best in full sun and appreciate consistent, even moisture in the summer months. Kerry Ann continues her analogy, saying, “it’s a coming-of-age party that is delicate, decidedly feminine, and entirely fleeting,” which makes it this time the more special.

“The garden of early spring flowering trees and shrubs is the quintessential garden of refined taste that launches a year of abundance and peace,” Kerry Ann says, and we couldn’t agree more.

Be sure to visit your local terrain nursery to find your favorite pink blooms to keep your spring garden looking fresh. 

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