New in the Nursery: Ornamental Vegetables


As we say farewell to our summertime gardens in the coming weeks, these brightly colored ornamental peppers and corn are extending the growing season in our autumn planters. Since joining our nursery, this duo of late-season annuals has been a favorite for sunny locations on the patio or doorstep. Though primarily cultivated for their aesthetic properties, both varieties will also yield a small crop of veggies as they mature.

Ornamental Pepper ‘Masquerade’(Capsicum annuum) is one of our seasonal best sellers, a mounded pepper that grows to around 12" tall and 10" wide. An early fruiting variety that thrives in fall containers, it bears abundant clusters of long peppers that start out purple, then turn yellow, orange, and finally red. These pretty peppers can be eaten, but be warned-- they're very spicy!

Our ornametal corn, ‘Seneca Red Stalker’ (Zea mays), was custom-grown from seed by a local grower near our Styer's nursery. A variety first developed by the Seneca tribe, it prefers rich soil and plenty of water. Don't be fooled by its green, early season appearance-- its stalks and husks will turn a gorgeous purple-red as it matures. A tall statement piece for fall containers, in a few weeks it will reach a full height of 5-6’ and begin fruiting with 8” long ears.

Throughout the season, our plant team highlights their freshest additions to the garden with New in the Nursery. Check in at your local store to take home these newly-arrived blooms. 

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