New in the Nursery: Ornamental Grasses


Summer is (unofficially) here and we’re celebrating by spending the long weekend in the garden—so we thought we’d share a few ornamental grass varieties that recently arrived in the nursery. Grasses are great all weather plants that help create height, movement, and dimension and Kerry Ann McKean from our green goods team says “this beautiful assortment of grasses offers all kinds of colors and textures that can be used in the landscape or in containers.” Fountain grasses like the Pennisetum rubrum (top row, middle) or Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’ (bottom row, left), make a bold statement planted en masse while the whimsical look of the Festuca ‘Cool as Ice’ (top row, right) make it perfect for a stand alone container planting. The Pennisetum ‘Karley Rose’ (bottom row, middle) blooms with fluffy pink flower spikes through August when the foliage changes to yellowish-tan through the fall. And for a more dramatic option, Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ (bottom row, right) offers black foliage with purple flowers that look stunning paired with pinks, silvers, and yellow flowers in a large container.

Ready to start planting? Head over to your local terrain nursery to see what’s new!

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